I get calls from families of patients who are in the hospital, asking me how to get a walker, how to move thier family member to a nursing home or other questions about future needs.  I tell those who call this:  “The hospital has case managers who will work with you to plan for all the needs at the time of discharge, and they will tell you when to expect the discharge. ”  Then I tell them what to expect as options and advise them on what services are available to them.   Keep the following points in mind when your family member is in the hospital so that you are informed and can participate in the discharge planning. The case management staff will be composed of registered nurses or social workers who are expert in case management.  Ask them all your questions – and be prepared with a pen and paper to first write down your questions and then write down their answers.  Get details:  WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and HOW. You have choices.   If you are told a walker, wheelchair or other assistive divices are needed, you can CHOOSE who you want to provide those needs.  If you need a homeRead More

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