Think about the details of pet care Most of us have companion animals and enjoy the comfort, love and affection of a cat or a dog, perhaps a bird or a fish…and we naturally want those we love to have that same experience of comfort and companionsip. Are you thinking of giving a gift of a companion animal to an elder?  If so, let’s think about some details of pet care before taking that final step to purchase the dog, cat, bird, fish, or other living being. Pets are wonderful gifts of joy to our lives – if we can take care of them properly.  A dog or a cat require daily care of feeding, grooming, exercise, and most important, elimination.  Indoor pets require attention for cleanliness (a cat box requires attention!) and most dogs need to make a trip outdoors a few times a day, or train to pads indoors. Pets need food every day and fresh water.  Just think about this – every day without fail, a dog or cat must eat, must drink, and must have all their basic needs cared for. Now place that dog or cat in the home of an elderly person who hasRead More

A  Success Story – Aging and Social Isolation As I drove through a small northwest Arkansas community I stopped at the only nursing home to see a former client.  His was a tragic case of grief, depression, self-neglect, and social isolation that led to no choice other than moving this 92 year old gentleman from his farm of 60 plus years to a nursing home. His family had reported he was doing well.  I wanted to see for myself how he was adapting to the change. I entered the front lobby and I was immediately greeted by a loud “Hello young lady, how are you today!”  I turned to look at my greeter and could not believe my eyes!  Dressed in clean overalls and western shirt, with a short haircut and neatly groomed, a smile on his face and twinkle in his eye – it was my client!  I was so shocked I couldn’t reply, but did go over to shake his hand.  When I told him I had come to see him, he invited me to sit and we began a long and enjoyable visit. Mr. Bell was full of accounts of the changes that had resulted in hisRead More