A good friend is now traveling over 800 miles every month to help care for his mother.  After a serious accident and multiple hospitalizations, all the siblings are taking turns returning to their hometown to support their father, monitor the care of their mother and show their love and concern for her, and give support to the one sibling in their home town.  It’s a difficult and stressful experience for them all. This entire family system is experiencing not only the stress of demands on their time for travel and work but also the emotional strain of their mother’s illness. They are not alone.  Literally millions of adult children world wide have concerns about ageing and ill parents who live far away. Most of my private clients are age 80 and over and have adult children who now live a long distance from their parents in Northwest Arkansas. For many years I have worked with adult children who are careing for a parent in Northwest Arkansas or who live elsewhere and ask me to plan and/or manage their parent’s care here in Arkansas.  It is very stressful for the elders and the family when a crisis occurs leading to a hospitalization or aRead More