What is the purpose of www.thecaresupport.com? Through the years that I have practiced geriatric and medical social work, I’ve always thought “Northwest Arkansas needs one resource to find and learn about resources for the ageing and for caregivers to find the support and resources they need.”  THIS WEB SITE IT THAT RESOURCE! Locate the topic of interest, click on that topic, and hopefully you will find the information that you need and it will be helpful.   What does Sara do as a geriatric care specialist? Very few people know about resources for care. My role is to determine the needs for care, then to provide information about all the options available to meet those needs.  I provide a written review of your needs assessment and all the resources available to meet those needs, and their costs. Here is an example of a typical caregiver who called me: Opal is 94. She still lives in the home she retired in in 1977. Her husband died in 2000, she has one child in Maine who visits her once a year , but her health is not good.  Opal is independent in all her daily activities but she is losing her sight.Read More

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