When you are no longer searching for a cure but for comfort, it is time to talk to your physician about hospice care.  Hospice is comfort care. The hospice TEAM are professionals who provide comfort and pain management which allows death with comfort and compassion, a death that we all desire for our family members and for ourselves. I have to disclose that I have worked for Washington Regional Hospice and for Circle of Life Hospice.  I have seen that health care professionals who work on a hospice team provide not only excellent care, but are commited to care for the dying and for their family.  From the physician/medical director to the nurses, personal care aids, social workers and chaplain, and the wonderful volunteers, the hospice team works together providing care in the home or in a facility to meet the needs of patient and family until death. From the time hospice staff meets the patient and/or family at the home or in a facility (they visit for education and admission in the home, in hospital rooms, in nursing homes and all care facilities) they are providing support. They provide an information visit about their services so the patient and family have a fullRead More

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