Know the Basics:  Care Planning 101 I still hear people say, “I have Medicare, it will pay for a nursing home if I need it.” But –  Medicare NEVER pays for nursing home care for a long term!  It is important for all of us who are aging or have aging parents to understand care resources available to us, how to access that care and how it is paid for. You’ll know what you need to know to plan for care if you take just 5 minutes to read this: 1)      Medicare DOES pay for care in a nursing home for rehabilitation or recuperative care after a hospitalization. Medicare does NOT pay for long term nursing home care. After a three night stay in a hospital, if further strengthening, rehabilitation or skilled care is required before the patient can return home, Medicare does cover in-patient therapy in a skilled nursing home for up to 100 days. The patient can benefit from physical, occupational and speech therapy, skilled nursing, appropriate diet and 24 hour skilled care to help the patient return to their previous level of functioning for discharge.  But –  if 24 hour care is still needed after 100 days,Read More

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