Give a caregiver support group a try – at least once – before you say “no” I have facilitated support groups since working at Health South in 1995, providing guidance in a stroke group, a group for amputees and a traumatic brain injury group. Later I facilitated the Education and Support Groups at the Schmieding Center for Senior Education for dementia caregivers, the adult child caregiver, a low vision education and support group. Over all these years I have heard so many say, “I don’t want to sit in a group and listen to people complain about how bad it is, I don’t want to hear that!”.  Then I say, “Try visiting a group, just listen and see if it doesn’t help you to learn from what the others say.”  That person usually comes back telling me all the benefits from that visit: After listening they learn they are not ‘unique’, that others are in the very same situation they are living. They learn from others how to cope with their daily needs to provide care or to live with their illness. They learn to laugh with others and at themselves and form friendships with others like themselves. They learnRead More

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