Husbands, wives and adult children assume the role of caregiver and rarely know what they have ahead of them.  It’s just what we do when we love and care for someone.  But over the years I have seen many caregivers die while caring for their loved one.  When a respite opportunity is offered, they would answer me and say, “No one can take care of him like I do”, or “She gets so upset when I leave her it’s just easier to stay with her all the time.” Caregivers need to take a break.  No matter how much loved the care recipient – no one is so strong that they can provide 24 hour care day after day, week after week, month after month. The body and the mind need rest!  Combine the fact that caregiving leads to stress and fatigue with the statistic that over 70% of family caregivers are age 65 and over and you can see why it is critical that the aging caregiver takes time to care for themselves as well as their care recipient.   This sad story is a true account of the dedication of a caregiver that led to his early mortality: Wilbur andRead More

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