Caregiver Support is Necessary and Ongoing The family caregiver and the professional caregiver experience emotional and physical stressors that cannot be understood by any person who has never been a personal caregiver.   Assuming the responsibility of providing assistance with the daily living necessities for any adult, whether age 40 or 100, places a great demand on the caregiver.  Family caregivers are often totally unprepared for what they experience.  Many have no training, many suffer physical injury, pain, sleepless nights, and burnout within a very little time of assuming the role of the family caregiver.  (Locally family caregivers can call the Schmieding Education Center at 479-751-3043 to learn about family caregiver training and support.)   Many who pursue a career as a professional caregiver are unaware of the emotional stress and the physical stressors that can result.  A personal caregiver becomes attached to those they care for, yet they are often overwhelmed with the demands placed on them to care for multiple elders in a facility.  Private caregivers experience more personal time with their clients, and with this they form very close personal relationships and can also experience great stress from the care environment, from the client family members, fromRead More

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