It is Volunteer Appreciation Week, 2013. The word VOLUNTEER instantly brings to mind Carl Kittrell and his beautiful wife Phil. Well into the years of life when most elders are receiving the services of volunteers to help them remain independent, Carl and Phil continued to help others in their church and community services.  From packing food for deliveries to driving the aging and disabled to weekly Wal-Mart shopping, Carl answered every request with a ‘if you can’t find someone to help, call me and I’ll do it’. Through the many years of community service provided by Faith In Action (originally called Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers), created in 1997 through the Washington Regional Medical Center Foundation, many volunteers have been members of Central United Methodist Church of Fayetteville.  Why was this church group represented more than any other church in Northwest Arkansas?  Because early in the programs development, Carl Kittrell asked his pastor if he could talk a few minutes about the services of IVC during the Sunday service.  As an elder of the church, Carl drew others who were inspired by his talk that day. Carl was influential throughout his years as a volunteer for Faith in Action in securing volunteers,Read More

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