December is such a busy time of the year that we often forget about the little things that can make a person’s holiday season brighter.  We focus on decorating the house, buying gifts, travel, being with family, and we forget about those who are not so fortunate. Small gestures of kindness go a long way during the holiday season. We all know an elder who is now a widow or widower, or  a neighbor who has an illness or disability, people who are socially isolated due to death of a partner, loss of a child, or ‘old age’ that now prevents them from getting out.  Loneliness is difficult to endure at any time of year, but during the winter holiday season, loneliness can be the cause of the onset of a serious depression and decline. I met Mr. Hill when I was delivering books for our libraries  homebound reader’s services. At 79 he lived alone in a senior housing apartment building and he told me that his only pleasure remaining was reading.  His apartment was dark, littered with clothing and books, trash and cigarette cartons and ashtrays (Yes – there is a no-smoking policy at this complex!).  The smell ofRead More

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