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Many adults who find themselves in need of care, at home or in a facility, make decisions that they regret later. Those decisions can be very costly!

By talking with an expert in aging, home and facility care, you benefit from a professional assessment of need then guidance through the process of creating the best care plan to fit your needs for care and your budget.

With over 20 years of experience visiting elders in their homes and working with all the care resources in Northwest Arkansas, the process of an assessment and creation of a care plan is accessible to all families at an affordable cost. Making the wrong move is not only costly, but it is stressful.

A home visit usually takes about 90 minutes, two hours at the most. During that time the health care history and diagnoses are reviewed, the family support structure, the desires of the elder and family for care and financial resources available for care planning.
This is a written report summarizing the needs for care, and all options for care are listed with details of costs.


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