Patient and Caregiver Counseling

Counseling is available for both the individual who requires care and for the caregiver.  The fear, anxiety, signs and symptoms of depression and stress caused by an illness or disability can be so overpowering that the family finds it impossible to address the needs for care.

As a licensed certified social worker (LCSW) my education and training has provided me with the skill to provide an intervention to address the crisis experienced when care is needed.  I have worked with many caregivers over the years who have found themselves with feelings of ‘hopelessness’ and ‘helplessness’.  It is critical that those feelings are explored and hope is found for that caregiver.  Many who need care also experience those feelings. Those are warning signs of despair.  With effective counseling to explore the root of those feelings and expressions, the mental health of the individual can be greatly improved.

At this time (March, 2011) I am not a Medicare provider nor do I accept private insurance.  Counseling is billed as private pay.  Please contact me at my  e-mail address on this site or call.

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